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History of Lake Glenville

        Lake Glenville is the highest elevation lake east of the Mississippi River. It was created by the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) in 1940-1941 to generate hydroelectric power necessary for the production of aluminum in support of the war effort. The original town of Glenville, chartered in 1851, lies at the bottom of the lake.

        In 1988 Nantahala Power & Light Company (a subsidiary of ALCOA) was purchased by Duke Energy. Charlotte based Duke Energy remains the lake's owner today. Electricity generated from the lake in the primary source of electric power for the area's homes and businesses.

        Originally named Thorpe Reservoir, the name was officially changed to Lake Glenville in 2002 as a result of the joint efforts of the Friends of Lake Glenville, the Glenville Community Development Club and Duke Energy

        Lake Glenville is a mountain lake located just 5 miles from Cashiers, North Carolina. Lake Glenville has a 26 mile shoreline and has the highest elevation of any lake east of the Mississippi.

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