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3 mistakes you will never make again when visiting Lake Glenville.

They say hindsight is 20/20, and when it comes to a day out on the lake lots of things can slip your mind whilst you're having fun. Hopefully these next three tips will help you avoide some of the misshaps that you can experience on Lake Glenville in the future.

Number 1- WEAR SUNSCREE. I can not emphasize enough the importance of skin protection, because honestly no one likes to wake up the next day looking like a freshly boiled lobster. I prefer the spray on dry tanning oil with a SPF of 10, just enough coverage for me while still being able

to get a nice summer glow. Now having a red headed, freckled father who needs higher sun

protection, he goes with lotion method. Anything within the SPF 50 range is a winner for him, although I have heard anything over SPF 50 doesn't protect you any better, but who knows who's telling the truth these days.

Number 2- Ladies, if you plan on tubbing, knee boarding and or wake boarding make sure you wear the proper bathing suit top. I can not tell you how many stories I have heard of tops flying off in the middle of the lake. So if you plan on participating in rigorous water sports, a one piece with a tight neck strap is recommended, because come on, no one likes their goodies being out for the whole lake to see.

Number 3- Choosing the right horsepower. If you're looking to sling some kids around on a tube, or hit some waves with that kneeboard or wake board, horsepower is key. It is pretty impossible to get a full grown adult, or even a taller or larger kid, up on the water with a 90 horsepower boat, and the 70 horsepower, forget it. If you're looking to have a great time, a 115 horsepower pontoon is where it's at. With the ability to whip around at higher speeds, the extra $25 dollars is way WORTH IT!

Please take these tips and apply them to your next vist up to Lake Glenville, and remember Lakeshore Marina is always here for your pontoon, sea-doo, kayak, canoe and paddle board needs! 828-743-9998

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