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My top essential items needed for a great day on Lake Glenville.

So, when it comes to getting the most out of your day on the lake there are some things that are must haves!

Number 1- Great snacks. There is honestly nothing worse than being STARVING out on a pontoon rented from Lakeshore Marina in the middle of Lake Glenville. With zero food options on the lake, snack planning is key. Personally I think a cheese board filled with hard and soft cheeses, such as a sharp cheddar and creamy brie, paired with fresh friut and crispy crackers does the trick. A little something for everyone, you know.

Number 2- Drink options. Now when it comes to drinks, I'm just looking for something ICE COLD, because no one wants a hot drink on a even hotter day. When packing my cooler I like to put all the ice I need in plastic zip lock bags, creates less of a chance of melting ice ruining your tasty snacks. I place the drinks on one side of the cooler and snacks on the other, keeping things within easy reach, because who wants to go digging through a full cooler looking for one item, not me.

Hopfully these tips will make your day on Lake Glenville even more enjoyable, and remember when it comes to a perfect lake day, Lakeshore Marina is there for your pontoon, sea-doo, kayak and canoe needs! See ya on the lake!

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