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Two Questions Asked When Making a Reservation at Lakeshore Marina.

So, you've made the choice rent from Lakeshore Marina, now what? Well the type of boat you need depends on what you're looking to do on the lake, and how many people are in your party. Having a great time out on the lake is our goal, but we will never let fun overshadow our safety rules.

If you're looking for a nice boat to cruise the lake on, our 70 horsepower is just what the doctor ordered. Having a maximum of 10 adults on board is what we reccommend in order to keep the seating comfortable and spacious. Unfortunately tubbing is prohibited.

Looking to take things to another level? Well our 90 horsepower is perfect for day fishing trips or pulling a couple kids on a tube! We suggest 12 adults maximum in order to keep the tube whipping behind the boat.

Are you looking to wakeboard, kneeboard or tube as a adult? Well our brand new 115 horsepower boats are right up your alley! With spacious seating and a engine that can really whip you on the tube, this is the boat for you. On these two boats you can fit up to 13 adults!

So gather up your friends and family, and we will see you at Lakeshore Marina!

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